The Ambial door system has been selected by Innoverre as it represents the pinnacle of slidign/folding door engineering providing a means of creating a folding wall of glass that can completely open your home to your garden or to provide a stunning interface between your new Verandair enclosure and your home.




The Ambial is engineered to be completely flush when in the closed position this provides clean and elegant lines that are perfectly complemented by exclusive ultra flat handles which also ensure easy operation regardless of size.



The Ambial system is capable of an impressive maximum leaf size of 1.2m wide by 3m tall and can be manufactured with up to 10 leaves in a single configuration allowing for stunning feature openings of up to 12m wide by 3m tall.


The bespoke Ambial hardware provides exceptional longevity with the leaves being supported on upper and lower tracks with security provided by anti-derailment wheels and security bolts.

Ambial provides highly efficient thermal insulation with the majority of configurations achieving 1.6 W/m2k using Innoverre’s standard 1.0 W/m2k centre pane sealed unit, this surpasses the building regulations requirement for thermal performance of doors for exisiting dwellings by over 10%. Through the use of thermally improved triple glazing and warm edge technology, thermal performance can be further improved as low as 1.1 W/m2k depending upon configuration. This impressive performance minimises heat loss through the door keeping the inside of the building warm when the Ambial is closed.

Further glass options include:

  • Solar control glazing to reduce the sun’s glare ensuring comfort within the building
  • Sound attenuating glazing, to reduce the sound that is heard through the shut door
  • Interstitial blinds for privacy

The Ambial is available in the same range of high quality finishes as the Verandair ® enclosures and with a selection of hardware finishes to complement your choice.

Ambial offers a class leading selection of opening configurations providing choices and freedom of design ranging from single leaf doors to stunning 10 leaf feature entrances.