Innoverre's product offering has been carefully selected to provide a unique and distinguished selection of enhancements available for your home.
In addition to being the subject of innumerable conversations; the Great British climate provides us with beautiful gardens; the perfect place for lively entertaining or relaxed dining on a summer's afternoon or to simply laze in the sun with a book.
The same climate that nurtures our outdoor spaces can prevent us using it as and when we wish. Inclement weather or sudden downpours can ruin plans or force a hasty and chaotic retreat to the safety and dryness of the house.
Our flagship product, the Verandair ® enclosure safeguards your summer plans allowing you to use your terrace regardless of the weather. The innovative sliding design allows the enclosure to be closed without the need to move furniture or even occupants.
Rain goes from being a disaster to a conversation topic.
During the colder months the Verandair ® enclosure will provide a sheltered environment allowing you to still enjoy your garden irrespective of the outside temperature, particularly when paired with our range of infrared heaters- enjoy Christmas dinner surrounded by the beauty of a frosted or even snowy garden.
A Verandair ® enclosure can offer more than an enhancement to a new or existing terrace; when paired with a hot tub or installed over a swimming pool it can offer a new dimension to relaxation and exercise.
Standing alone or as complementing to the Verandair ® offering Innoverre is proud to manufacture and install the prestigous Ambial and Tigal systems from the Technal Range. Both options provide an elegant, practical and high performing solution creating showpiece entrances to your home.
Ambial represents the pinnacle of folding/sliding door technology able to comfortably fill apertures up to 12m wide by 3m tall. In-line or wrapped around a corner, inward or outward opening, from the centre or from one of the sides, Ambial can be adapted to suit every situation.
Tigal is brand new to the UK market with Innoverre amongst the first companies to offer its unique benefits to our customers. Offering slim sightlines, exceptionally large panes, unequalled weather performance and class leading thermal properties the Tigal sliding door has been selected by Innoverre as the solution for our clients' sliding door requirements. Like the Ambial, Tigal can be used by itself to create a feature entrance to your garden allowing light and air into your home. It can also be used in conjunction with a Verandair enclosure adding further control over how you use your outside space.
Innoverre's project consultants will be pleased to discuss your ideas and work with you to produce a proposal that could transform how you use your outdoor spaces, blurring the lines between outside and in.
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