Bioclimatic terrace enclosures

Do you want to use your terrace all year long regardless of the weather?

The innovation of the Verandair enclosure lies in its ability to transform. During long Summer days the Verandair enclosure is retracted allowing those inside to enjoy the sun and warm breeze; however as the evening draws in and the day’s heat cools or if the clouds open and rain starts to fall, the enclosure is quickly and easliy closed without the need to move furniture or occupants transforming into a cosy, elegant and sophisticated shelter from the elements.

Outdoor dining, entertaining or events are no longer subject to the vagaries of the British weather, a Verandair enclosure puts you in control of when you want to use your terrace.

Installed on your existing terrance or on a new surface installed by Innoverre’s skilled team, your Verandair enclosure will provide a daytime temperature gain of between 6 and 8 degrees (depending on exposure) allowing you to enjoy your terrace all year long.

Following a detailed survey by one of Innoverre’s highly experienced technical surveyors;

Verandair Bioclimatic Terrace Enclosures are bespoke engineered from the highest grade materials are precision engineered to be a perfect fit

No two Verandair enclosures are the same, our consultants will be happy to discuss the myriad opening configurations available as well as the numerous options available which include:

  • Aluminium profiles coated to the prestigious Qualicoat Marine standard in one of over 2,000 possible colours
  • Side elements glazed with either single or double glazed units
  • Roof elements constructed of alveolar polycarbonate in various shades
  • Ironmongery in aluminium or stainless steel
  • Frameless glass sliding doors integrated into the elements
  • Led lighting seamlessly integrated to the ceiling profiles with no visible wiring
  • Solar control coatings to reduce glare
  • Interstitial blinds


“I have an existing terrace, is it suitable for a Verandair ® enclosure?”

In most cases – yes, but it does need to be reasonably level

Where a new terrace is required Innoverre are able to offer a number of options from decking through to insulated concrete bases with your choice of tiling. Our consultant would be pleased to discuss your specific requirements.

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